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Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

What is Hidden Scar Surgery?

Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery is an advanced approach to removing breast cancer. At the LSU Healthcare Network, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the most advanced surgical options in breast cancer surgery. Surgical Oncologist Adam Riker, MD is trained in advanced surgical techniques, and together, our goal is to give you the best surgical treatment and experience.

Breast cancer can be surgically removed with a mastectomy procedure (your surgeon will remove all of your breast tissue) or a lumpectomy procedure (your surgeon will remove only part of your breast tissue). With a Hidden Scar Approach, Dr. Riker places your incision in a location that is hard to see, so that the scar is not visible when your incision heals. As a result, you have little to no visible reminder of the surgery or your cancer.

The Hidden Scar approach can be performed for a nipple sparing mastectomy or a lumpectomy procedure. Patients who undergo the Hidden Scar approach do not have a higher risk of cancer recurrence than patients who undergo any other type of technique1. You may qualify for Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery based on the size and location of your tumor, your breast shape, and your breast size. Ask us if you are a candidate for a Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery by calling Delia Young, Nurse Navigator, at 504-702-3725 to schedule a consultation. Want more information on Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery? Visit breastcancersurgery.com to learn more.

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Think you are a candidate for Hidden Scar Surgery? Call 504-702-3725 to find out more information and to schedule your consultation. 

For more information BreastCancerSurgery.com | MyHiddenScar.com

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